Doctor Strange 2 Cast, Release Date, Movie Review

Recently Marvel studio announced that the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Doctor Strange 2 will release in 2021. In the first part of Doctor Strange was a very popular movie and the Marvel fans were love Doctor Strange first part. And now Marvel fans are waiting for the Doctor Strange, also fans are hopeful that the Marvel Studio will do some incredible for there fans. Here in below the Doctor Strange 2 trailer we provide for you, one of the popular movie series Doctor Strange 2 cast list. They said that the Doctor Strange 2 Initial release will be May 7, 2021 in Ireland.

Doctor Strange 2 Cast List:

DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE ( Benedict Cumberbatch )

 Benedict Cumberbatch

Dr. Stephen Strange was a prestigious and arrogant surgeon until a tragic accident ends his talent for medicine and also his career. Looking for a way to recover his skills, he travels the world and ends up finding the Elder, an enigmatic teacher who offers to teach him the Mystic Arts.

Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olsen )

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Chase Olsen, American actress born on February 16, 1989 in Sherman Oaks, California. His sisters are the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen have Norwegian ancestry from their father and English ancestry from their mother.

She began acting at a very young age, with small appearances in her sisters’ movies. By age 11, Olsen knew ballet and singing and when he was in fourth grade, he started going to auditions for other projects. After graduating, he enrolled at the Tisch School of Arts at New York University. In 2009, Olsen spent a semester studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. Now she is in Doctor Strange 2 movie as her Marvel Comic Character Wanda Maximoff

MORDO ( Chiwetel Ejiofor )

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Like Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo was an apprentice of the Elder who taught him the Mystic Arts and the path to alternative dimensions. It is a complex and intense figure and could become a friend, a rival or a cruel enemy of the last student of the Elder.


Rachel McAdams

Dr. Christine Palmer is an excellent orthopedic surgeon and is not only a companion of Dr. Strange’s profession, but she is also a friend. When the terrible accident that affects Strange’s hands takes a toll on their relationship, Dr. Palmer understands that Strange needs to rediscover his worth himself. But he never imagined the unusual journey Strange would undertake or how he would land again in his life.

WONG ( Benedict Wong )

Benedict Wong

Wong is the guardian of the gigantic library of Kamar-Taj, full of mystical volumes. He is a sensible man who not only decides who deserves to study the private collection of the Elder but also prevents sacred spells from falling into the wrong hands. Although he is quiet and humble, you have to be careful because of whoever dares to steal in Wong’s library will have to go through it first.

JONATHAN PANGBORN ( Benjamin Bratt )

Benjamin Bratt

Strange looks for Jonathan Pangborn, believing that he has valuable information for the healing of his hands.

KAECILIUS ( Mads Mikkelsen )

Mads Mikkelsen

Like many Kamar-Taj students, Kaecilius arrived at this mystical precinct looking for the secrets of the Multiverse. He turned his back on the Elder and his teachings when he thought he was hiding certain knowledge. Kaecilius sees in those forbidden powers the answer to all the sufferings of humanity, the possibility of relieving the pain of the human condition. Kaecilius, along with his zealot followers, will use all the malicious tools at his disposal to see how our reality merges with dark powers of that other dimension, even though that means the destruction of existence as we know it.

THE ELDERLY ( Tilda Swinton )

Tilda Swinton

The wise and enigmatic figure of the Elder has long been safeguarding the secrets of the Mystical Arts. When he meets Stephen Strange, the century-old sage sees great potential in this ancient scruffy surgeon and agrees to show him a new facet of reality: The mystical path of magic!

The wise and enigmatic figure of the Elder has long been safeguarding the secrets of the Mystical Arts. When he meets Stephen Strange, the century-old sage sees great potential in this ancient scruffy surgeon and agrees to show him a new facet of reality: The mystical path of magic!

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It is difficult to compare Doctor Strange 2 with other movies based on Marvel superheroes, as it is the first one that recreates with success on the screen the colorful excess of comics.

Eye, it’s not that it’s the first movie that tries. There are several notable examples: Dick Tracy (1990) – with the photography direction of Vittorio Storaro – he painted the scenes to reproduce the typical colors of a comic in unreal tones.

Then came Hulk (2003), directed by Ang Lee, who set out to reproduce the structure of panels of a cartoon, with its transitions of scenes and silhouetted characters with black lines, like a drawing.

And, although it was based on an animated series and not a manga, Speed ​​Racer (2008) used frames in which all the elements on the screen were always well focused, as in a drawing.

Doctor Strange 2 – directed with remarkable visual ability by Scott Derrickson – is a film with two intentions: on the one hand, it is a story of origin, which tells how the egocentric neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) becomes the sorcerer Doctor Strange 2.

But it is also the first Marvel film that tries to reproduce the visual style of a comic artist. In this case, Steve Ditko, who created and drew the character when he was introduced to the Strange Tales comic # 110 in July 1963.

Ditko conceived the character – a sorcerer who uses mystical powers and magic to open portals to other dimensions and overcome threats from other astral planes – as a response to the era of psychedelia, which then began to capture the interest of young people.

Ditko’s drawings are delusions of shapes and colors, such as a dream produced by hallucinogenic substances or the illustrations of the posters of the rock bands that gave concerts in Haight Ashbury, in the city of San Francisco, in the 60s.

This same visual exuberance is what dominates the action scenes of Doctor Strange 2, the film, with buildings that fold over themselves, characters that run along with ceilings and walls, and landscapes that end up looking like geometric mazes, as in an artist’s engraving Dutch MC Escher.

More About Doctor Strange 2 :

If in Sherlock I peto it, in Doctor Strange 2, it nailed it. He played a very prestigious neurosurgeon, billionaire, very believed (as I would say, very self-centered) and, of course, he has a (former) lover. But his life of a turnaround when he has a car accident (by looking at the car tablet) and loses mobility in his hands. In order not to lose his prestige, he decides to spend the money on a thousand and one operations to be able to operate again, in the end, he becomes “crazy” and tells Christine (his lover) that he prefers to be without her.

When he no longer has enough money (and there are no more operations to do) he discovers that a man who was paralyzed could walk. Upon discovering his secret he goes to Kamar-Taj, to see if they can help him there. In that strange place, the old woman will teach her how to make “spells” that allow her to maintain order in our dimension.

At first, I thought it was all very random, can a paralytic walk again? If I go to Kamar-Taj, will they teach me magic to defend our dimension? And in that case, I began to happen very rare things and very geeks. For example: If I use the Eye of Agamotto, can I go to the past and meet Carrie Fisher? What if I use it to go to the future and see Marvel movies before anyone else? But then I concluded that I love random things.

In my opinion, this movie is very good. I like that the main “superhero” gets his “powers” (or magic tricks according to Iron Man) after a lot of work (same as Iron Man) and not because yes, either by being born with them or by some experiment.

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